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something much more forceful and compelling than any human logic

Living The Quran
Jihad by Means of the Quran
Al-Furqan (The Criterion) Sura 25: Verse 52

"Do not obey the unbelievers, but strive most vigorously against them with this Quran."

The Quran has great power and influence. It is irresistible. When God's Messenger, peace be upon him, addressed the Arabs with it, it shook their hearts and consciences. They tried hard to counter its effects, employing every means at their disposal, but all their efforts were useless. They were aware that it took only the reading of a couple of verses, or perhaps a surah or two, by Muhammad, and listeners were so affected they accepted his message. To them, it seemed like the Quran had a magic effect on people.

The Quran embodies simple and natural facts which link hearts directly to the truth that issues forth with irresistible power. It includes scenes and images of the Day of Judgement, and others derived from the universe around us, historical accounts, scenes of the fate of past communities, and powerful arguments, all of which strike basic cords in our hearts. Indeed, we often find that a single surah affects us so powerfully as to take hold of our whole being. Indeed, the Quran is often described as more powerful than great armies. It is no wonder, therefore, that God ordered His Messenger not to obey the unbelievers, and not to budge from fulfilling his task. The divine order also required the Prophet to vigorously strive against unbelievers by means of the Quran. Having been given the Quran, the Prophet was equipped with something much more forceful and compelling than any human logic.

Compiled From:
"In The Shade of The Quran" - Sayyid Qutb, Vol. 12, pp. 425-427
47.29 . Or do those in whose hearts is a disease deem that Allah will not bring to light their ( secret ) hates?
47.30 . And if We would , We could show them unto thee ( Muhammad ) so that thou shouldst know them surely by their marks . And thou shalt know them by the burden of their talk . And Allah knoweth your deeds . .

Nay! We hurl the Truth against falsehood and it does smash itís brains and thus it perishes. And woe be to you for what you describe (with your tongues). Qur'an 21:18

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