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Old 24-01-2006, 12:33
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Something on Miracles

In her recent thread notifying us of her safe return, sis Lubna has mentioned the reminder that yes...miracles still do happen. And I could not agree with something more!!

To back up first, let me remind all that the arabic word for mankind is 'insaan'. It is from or has the basi root of 'nasiyaan'. Which is meaning 'forgetfulness'.

It is a widely common human trait to forget. Or ignore. even if innocently.

It is quite common for so many of us to forget to turn to Allah in times of need, even if those times of need seem rather simple. Yet we surely need Him to help us in all of our affairs.

And if only we would or could remember to turn to Him in full faith in all situations, we would not only find that our lives turn into an orderly format of comfort and happiness, we will also find great reward in the hereafter for merely turning to Him in humbleness seeking His help and guidance.

As for myself, I have found this point to be quite true indeed, and I have noticed personally many miraculous occurances in my own life, as the result of praying to Him and seeking His help thru dua.

Not saying that I'm perfect...oh...far from it. I forget so many times myself...and tend to have to try to remind myself at times of need. And there are many times when I can recall that I got literally caught up and lost in the moment of the time, and forgot until much turn to Him in humble prayer.

But...when I do...Oh, the glory and peace of it!! And the miraculous answers that commense in my life!! Alhamdulillah a thousand times over and more!!!

To quote for you one instance, while I was at the haj several years ago (something like five years ago), I was quite nervous to be going out for the throwing of the jamrat.

The sheikh that we were traveling with for the haj, insisted that the first day we not go out for the jamrat, reminding us that in situations when there is danger of hurt to occur to us, it is permissable to postpone till the next day...throwing at one time the stones in place of yesterday, as well as the stones for today.

We were quite late returning to our camp at Mina after the night of Mizdelifa, and the crowds were accumulating rather dangerously that day...and so we went out only at night to throw that day's stones. Hamdulillah, we did it with rather ease.

But the next day, our sheikh insisted that we not go out. And so we remained in our tents, simply praying and worshipping Allah, reading Quran, remembering Him, or listening to the intermittent speaches of reminder.

The next day, we did not go out till late, trying to avoid the crowds of the mid-day...and there was indeed an accident of ppl trampling at that mid-day hour.

When it came time for us to try to leave Mina...and we had to throw our stones (both of yesterday and today) before leaving, I was quite nervous...cause I know that the crowds get rather big and sometimes angry at those times.

ANd I was just literally clutching onto my husband, my SIL clutching onto my son, and we were slowly and carefully making our way thru.

As we came to an opening in the crowd, my bag of stones fell on the ground. I bent to pick them up. In that split second, the crowd suddenly poured in real husband was so breathless as he picked me up, trying to convince me to leave those stones. But I needed them. Had to throw the stones of yesterday and today. And if I lost them then...I would have to stay the night (cause we were late inthe day now) till the next day, and I would have to go out to collect more stones for tomorrow. And we had planned to leave Mina on this day, as we are allowed if we wish.

Well, I got my bag of stones...just in the nick of time as the crowd closed in on us. SubhanAllah. They came in so quickly. One moment there was literally no one behind us or around us. Then...the could not see your own feet down below...from the thickness of the ppl in front, beside, and behind you!!!

Well, as we came in closer towards the stone throwing husband insisted that I throw. I cannot throw good. And we were far away from the point we are supposed to throw the stones into. And I knew I would miss. And I knew if I threw from there, it would not reach it's destination, and would most likely hit someone on their back or head. And this would be even hurt another muslim while trying to observe my own duties.

Well, I just started making the dua: O Lord!! Please make this sea of people part for me, as you made the sea part for Moses!!

Well, subhanAllah...I noticed the ppl separating, easily giving me way to enter into between them. BUt they closed up quickly as I entered, and my husband...who was clinging onto my arm...could not enter!!!

I made my dua for myself to enter...did not think to ask Allah to allow my husband to enter in with me!!! My husband can throw good, he doesn't need help with that. And I was not afraid of the ppl at this point. I was just concerned of getting close enough to throw my stones!!

And my husband was yelling from behind me...pleading with me not to go in, but to return to him. I just held up my hand in answer to him...trying to reassure him I'd be fine. I knew I was fine, I was in the Hands of Allah, as I asked Him to open up the sea of ppl so that I could enter...I knew He would protect me. And...if I were to die...then what better situation than to die as a hajji??!!!

Anyways, as I finished throwing my stones, the crowd again miraculously opened for me to exit and rejoin my husband and the rest of our group. husband was so angry at me for doing that...separating from him. But I told him I was safe...Allah had opened the ppl for me, and Allah was guiding me and protecting me.

My husband just rolled his eyes at me. And cautioned me to not do it again. (we still had two more stations to get to to complete the ritual).

Next station, I saw the crowds husband started throwing from far away...and I again refused. Cannot throw right from that far distance.

And I made my dua again, repeating the glory of Allah much, and the crowd opened up for me...only...again. And so I went in...each time I was able to get right up to the cement block at the rim...and I just simply dropped my pebbles into the abiss, saying the name of Allah each time, as required.

And as I finished, the crowd again opened for me to exit without harm.

And the same thing happened the third time.

After we were finished and we continued on our way out of Mina ... it was almost sunset and so we need to get out of the official vacinity of Mina if we wished to not remain the husband scolded me...and I explained to him in detail what I called upon Allah and how I did it and why. Then he became quiet and accepting of what happened...for he also realized it was indeed a miracle from Allah that I was able to get in so close in such crowds. No one does that without pushing and shoving and without hurting themselves and others. But I didn't touch anyone as I went in and out...the ppl just opened for me. And I was not hurt in any way.


Yes...miracles do happen.

Just pray to Allah for what you need, and you will witness the miracle to appear in front of you!!!

Om Mohammed.

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