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Originally Posted by Tayeb View Post
Dear DL,

I don't know what you base on about Jesus and his god like nature or even being better? You don't seem to have read the gospels. He showed to be human.

I request you moderate your language and not to be vulgar. If you persist I will ban you from here.

Anyhow we as Muslims believe that if we don't follow His orders we risk eternal condemnation. We believe He is Merciful and forgives whoever He pleases.

I beg to differ from you and I repeat you have your belefs and we as Muslims have our beliefs, to you your way and to us our way. Let's keep the matters as they are.

Your "eternal condemnation" speaks to the existence of hell.

If I may, I wrote this elsewhere and it speaks to the issue.

Oh no.
Not a literalist reader of scripture.
God, if I can use an analogy, began with a pure white countenance as it applies to Him and all of what He was and created.
You would have Him suffer a blight or black spot, if you will, on His pure white self.
White by itself is perfect.
Just when in God's time line do you see Him placing this black spot on His otherwise perfectly white countenance.
Where did He put it?
On His nose perhaps?
A hell is demonstrably an immoral construct and not something God would create.
Think again for the first time.

I agree that Jesus was a human.

Our first God was a human and our last shall be as well.
Allah is evolving perfection.


"forgives whoever He pleases."

Oh my!

What a game for God to play! Create a place for eternal bliss as well as a place for eternal suffering. Then create beings whom you love dearly and watch over. And in the end, decide which to consider "trash" and "throw away" into the place for eternal suffering and which to cling to and love in the place for eternal bliss. Even man, with all his faults, is greater and more responsible.
Perhaps that is why Christians follow Jesus.

"you your way and to us our way. Let's keep the matters as they are."

You disappoint me.
I thought I was investigating a religion that was to rule the world and not just a small piece of it.

Many of the ways of the Secularists and others including Christians and other infidels, are inferior to Islam, if Islam is properly applied.

To not verbally attack such would be wrong.

Do Muslims men not have balls.

For evil to grow, all good men need do is nothing.

If Islam is not growing then it is shrinking.

I guess I will have to look elsewhere for a religion of men.