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Originally Posted by sipraomer View Post
When God himself invites the mankind to know him, then not knowing him is a sin. 120 years of sin are sins against God's orders. He being the greatest must be listened and followed. If He is not listened then the punishment is hell and is the right punishment. As far as can and can't is concerned God can do anything. He can throw all muslims in hell and all non muslims in heaven. What we talk here about it that in the scriptures He Himself has said that those who will follow my instructions will go to heaven and others will go to hell. And. He will do it because He doesn't tell a lie. What He has said He will do. Otherwise He can do what He wishes.
Spoken like a true slave.

If you think that God's best wishes and expectations for mankind is to be slaves then follow your God.

Mine, like any good father, wants his children to meet or exceed whatever he is.
I do not want my children to be slaves.

Is that your best expectations for your children?

If so, when scripture urges us to be perfect, it must mean to be a perfect slave. be a slave if you want and give up the free will that God or nature has given you.

BTW, your sense of justice is immoral.
Hell is arguably an immoral construct and God would not need or want such.