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Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
Spoken like a true slave.

If you think that God's best wishes and expectations for mankind is to be slaves then follow your God.

Mine, like any good father, wants his children to meet or exceed whatever he is.
I do not want my children to be slaves.

Is that your best expectations for your children?

If so, when scripture urges us to be perfect, it must mean to be a perfect slave. be a slave if you want and give up the free will that God or nature has given you.

BTW, your sense of justice is immoral.
Hell is arguably an immoral construct and God would not need or want such.

There is a difference between Faher children relationship and God human relationship. Secondly , yes I am His slave and I am proud to be His slave. Hell is not immoral. How is it immoral? It is a place for those who don't listen to God. Scriptures urge us to be perfect but since no one can be perfect, God will give reward to people having more good in them than bad. It means that the ones who do more good deeds than bad deeds. he is more good than bad.

Abusing Jesus gives me an impression that you are a jew or an athiest. You have used irrational and foul language against a Prophet we believe in as a Prophet. Please abstain from using foul language and follow the rules of the forum. How hell is immoral please elaborate. It is very simple . God gives punishmnt to those who don't listen to him and after doing sins don't repent.

A father tells his children to study and don't waste their time in video games or wandering around.When they don't listen he scolds and nags them. When his children don't listen to him and don't correct themselves while given a lot of time for their correction then at last the father punishes them by leaving them to experience harsh realites of life and leaving them alone to suffer in times of difficulty. His breaking of contact with them is his biggest punishment.

God also punishes us in this world . For instance when He says don't go near to unmarital sex and if we don't listen to him, he destroys the family unit of our society destroying the culture. if we don't act on what he says , he places unrest in our hearts. When we don't listen to him he brings disease to us. If we start following his orders he lifts his punishment and rewards us in this world as well as world hereafter.