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Originally Posted by Tayeb View Post
You said before you met God. Did He give you a message?

He confirmed my world view of reality and chastised me to think more demographically.

How do you the entity you met was God?
How did any of the other prophets know?

One has to evaluate if the knowledge given creates a better human or not.

Is Jesus god?
If he were, Noah's genocide would not have happened.

If Noah believed in the sanctity of human life, and lived by Jesusí command to do to your neighbor as yourself....he would refuse to build the ark. It is a moral issue, Had Noah done that, God would have had to kill everyone, or no one. This sort of moral position is upheld occasionally when a person refuses to back down, even at the cost of his life. We revere a person like this, call them heroes. This is NOT the cloth Noah was cut from.

I am not asking whether he was God's son.
We are all sons of God.

Did he ascend to become god?
As we all do.

Is Bible(s) God's Word for you?
Absolutely not.

All that has been written about God has been written by man.
Trust no man. Trust only in God.

Before we discuss God's punishment we need to ascertain what you think to be God.
God, as most know the term, is a human construct built from contact with our true God, a cosmic consciousness. Shaman and prophets where the roots.

Bibles and Words from the various religions are mythical best guesses.
They all have value but should not be taken literally.
IE. One does not start a logical discorse with a belief in fantasy and talking snakes as literal readers must.

Our first God was a man and the last will be as well.

Who but a man can voice the will of Allah?