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Originally Posted by Tayeb View Post
Dear DL,

You talk about God. Before we go ahead can you specify if you consider Jesus to be "god?. Because if you consider Jesus to be "god", it is futile to discuss the nature of God with you as you consider a man to be god.
To believe that Jesus is God I would have to see Jesus as a half breed chimera born of a bestial relationship between God, one species and a human, another species.
I wonder how Mrs. God feels about God's bastard son.
Perhaps some of the ladies here could fill us in on Mrs. Gods feelings.
If God is 100 % God and Jesus is 100 % God and 100 % man then our chimera Jesus God is superior to God # 1.
No wonder God does not return. Jesus has bested him. No come back for the loser God.

Truth is, I do not tie a good prophet and rabbi like Jesus to God, that would make him the son of the genocidal maniac of the O T.

There is only one God and God, like Allah, is a title only.

All that is known of this God has been written by man. Inspired by God perhaps but always man on the pen.