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What's myIWC - Islamic Web-Community?
Islamic Web-Community is a web-based community with a portal frontend that offers a number of services, the prime one being the fully-moderated discussion board "myIWC Forums" with a number of Forums catering for different interests. The portal offers a Qur'an search and a number of blocks containing applications that may interest Muslims and non-Muslims.

Who owns and controls myIWC?
myIWC - Islamic Web-Community is owned by the Administrator Tayeb Habib, of Odivelas, Portugal who also finances monetarilly the full costs of running these facilities. The Administrator Tayeb has relinquished the powers to a Governing Body composed of 3 elements, Asif, Om Mohammed and Tayeb, that controls and runs the Islamic Web-Community based on Islamic principles of Shura. The co-Administrator of Islamic Web-Community is Om Mohammed.

What are the rules of myIWC Forums?

myIWC's portal provides a number of services, and the prime one is a discussion board myIWC Forums that the user can participate in freely.

myIWC Forums are fully-moderated, and each Forum has one or two moderators. Each name and email of the forum moderator is available on the myIWC Forums. If you need to contact the moderator of a particular Forum please use the correct links. All posts violating the below rules will be removed and a notice of removal will be given to the member.

There is no debating with the Forum moderator over the removal of posts. If you feel that your post has been removed unfairly please contact the forum Admin. The Forum will not be used to debate the removal of posts, nor will it be a place to criticize the moderator. The Admin of this forum reserves the right to modify the rules at any time. Continuous violation of the rules can lead to banning, please post wisely.

1 - Vulgarity/Obscenity
As an Islamic discussion board no vulgarity or obscenity will be allowed on the Forums. This includes, but is not limited to, cursing, sexually explicit statements, racist, and statements which are offensive to the concept of Islamic mannerism.

2 - Personal Attacks
Personal attacks against other members will not be permitted on the Forums. This includes name calling, insults, and attack on their character. Please note that this does include the usage of the term "kaffir" . This is a serious accusation against another person and should not be used loosely. If this word is used in order to attack another member the post will be removed.

3 - Attacks against Islam
No attacks against Islam in any form will be tolerated on this discussion board. This includes, but is not limited to attacks on the Qur'an, Muhammad (pbuh), his family and companions, or any other prophets in Islam, or Islamic scholars, past or present. While some may complain that there is "freedom of speech" please remember this is a privately owned discussion board which was created and is maintained to serve the purpose of promoting Islam. What is allowed in speech is determined by the Admin and not the member.

4 - Promoting Religions other than Islam
While interfaith discussions are allowed promoting another religion is not allowed on the discussion board. This discussion board was created to promote Islam, not another religion. There are many other discussion boards on the Web which you can promote your religion other than Islam.

5 - Spamming
Spamming is posting the same or similiar posts in multiple Forums. When this is done all posts will be removed.

6 - Links/Signatures
Any links that are posted on myIWC Forums should not link to any vulgar, obscene, or anti Islamic messages. Such links will be removed from myIWC Forums. All member signatures should adhere to the myIWC Forums rules.

7 - Posting in Proper Forums
There are several Forums on various topics on myIWC Forums. It is asked that before posting that the member finds the most appropriate Forum to post their topic in. This makes it easier for other members to locate posts on a particular topic. Off topic posts will be removed and asked to be reposted in the proper Forum.

8 - Continued Envolvement of Members:
For sake of discussion, posts initiated by a member, must have a continued envolvement of that member. Any post initiated by a member that doesn't have his/her follow-up can be locked, or removed by the moderator and/or Admin. Repeated violations of this rule may cause warnings, and eventual banning of the member.

9 - Discussions on Muslim Sects
myIWC Forums is a Sunni discussion board which will present information, in light of the Sunni Madhahib. Debates among Muslim sects can be addressed by many discussion boards on the Web, where issues such as Sunni vs Shia, or Sufi vs Salafi, etc can be debated. We suggest that members take the time to find such forums and post there. myIWC Forums wishes to avoid any confusions and conflicts in the pursuit of Dawah. In order to avoid Muslim sect issues any posts which go against the teachings of Sunni thought will be removed from the discussion board. The only discussions allowed will be of convergence among the sects and anything that goes against convergence will not be tolerated.

10 - Warning Points
A warning system is active in this discussion board, and violations may lead to obtaining warning points, and if the member exceeds 8 warning points he/she will be automatically banned for a given time at discretion of the moderator/Admin. Repeated violations may lead to permanent banning.

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